Saturday, September 5, 2009

Entering september

It's strange to think that I've been in Minneapolis for almost a year now - I arrived here on September 13th of last year, after a three day drive from Massachusetts. It's funny...I had been living through the summer as I always do - as if it will never end, and then a few weeks of late august cold have blown September in again. When the air began to turn I started to feel that same crisp in the air, that wide-open-sky-ness and sense of lonesome possibility I think I felt when I first moved here. It was strange to feel that way again - maybe a sense of hopefulness or a sense of movement that I didn't think I'd feel it again for a long time. But then again, I guess the fall does have a way of sweeping in and pushing changes no matter where I happen to be. I think that's why it's my favorite season. I've been keen to notice the circular patterns of things since the leaves started to change, and I'm trying to find some sort of reason and rhyme to this gweird (that's good + weird for all of you not in the the know) year...but instead of finding meaning, I find only the beginning of another cycle that sometimes looks the same as the last.

Anyway, it seems appropriate that I should pick up this blog again, and try to record some of the goings-ons and happenings and brain laps I've been doing.

Some of the things on my mind:

- the move into my new house in S. Minneapolis, with new roommates and orange walls
- the possibility of working for Americorps, very last minute, and ah, STRESS!
- reaching out to friends more, in other words communication, communication, communication!
- I hate to say it but...winter(!?!)
- Mark's departure, bringing mixed feelings
- the State Fair! I feel like a true Minnesotan

That's all for now. More soon!

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