Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I fucking love this country. By which I mean: for once in my life I don't hate half the people who live in this god forsaken place.

Now, I am usually a cynical person when it comes to politics...I often doubt the abilities of the bigwigs to effect real, lasting change or to truly be concerned with those who actually live life in the face of their legislation. But I couldn't help but feel like a big pile of mush when I listened to Obama's acceptance speech last night. It's really no wonder the American people fell for him...he's just too pretty. And he talks real good too. I thought it was damn straight of him to emphasize how difficult the coming years will be, despite this initial victory. Even if he doesn't turn out to be the wunderkind he's being billed as, I think he's really the best suited candidate to take on the massive repairs this country will need to undergo during his term. He's still a politician, but I think he brings a freshness and an optimism to politics that is much needed at this point in history. Surprisingly, even McCain was on good behavior last night. As much as I despise the man, I was actually the tiniest bit impressed with his concession speech. I thought it was good of him to not just spit out a few words, but to actually congratulate Obama. Granted, it was probably a highly calculated move to keep him in the running for the next election, but it was still good of him. It was the first time I didn't want to leap through the TV screen and get him a stranglehold while he was speaking.

It was kind of incredible listening to the radio last night as state after state went blue. Even now, I still feel sort of like a deer caught in headlights - I'm stunned and amazed at not just Obama's victory, but how many people actually turned out to vote yesterday. As I talked to customers throughout the day, I could really sense how important this election was for so many people. I think that feeling permeated this election. I think there was a sense that this was our last chance for change; that if we want to see our country going in a different direction, we had to make it happen. And people turned out in record numbers, not just in the polling centers, but in early voting locations and in absentee ballots. And when I stepped up to place my vote, I also felt like my vote really mattered, delusion or not. Now I'm not sure what the next few years will hold for us, but even if Obama doesn't turn out to be the harbringer of change we would like him to be, at least we can credit him with sparking a fire underneath the American people to actually sit up and fucking DO SOMETHING. The Minnesota Public Radio Coverage said we had something like 80% voter turnout here in Minneapolis, which is *huge*, even in a state known for its high turnout records.

And I think it's really saying something that even this cynical, commie pinko voter over here got a little bleary eyed while watching the waves of blue votes come in last night.

Now the waiting begins. I wonder who Bush will pardon before he (metaphorically) croaks...